Its a dog’s diet !  
The following is based on 20 years of raw feeding our own dogs and are recommendations we have made to our customers. We have in that time seen a consistent pattern, that dog owners who fed a raw diet in addition to feeding our supplements have had faster and better results to the immune supporting actions of our supplements, than owners who did not want to change their dogs diet, not only have the improvements in health been faster they have also tended be permanent .   
When reading this please bear in mind dogs are individuals, there will always be variations and exceptions due to age, activity levels and health conditions. These are easy to accommodate using common sense and if necesseary special advise from your veterinarian    
So please start feeding a natural diet for your dog. It is the cornerstone of all good, long term health, we know from experience you will not regret it.
The Basics : Feed raw meat, raw meaty bones, raw fish. Finely chopped or pulverized raw vegetables. Give fresh fruit as treats. Do not feed grain, whether as biscuits, dried so called complete foods, pasta or rice, etc.
Meat, Meaty bones and offal:  Meat bones and offal should make up approx 75% of your dogs diet.
A very approx guide to how much meat and meaty bones should  be fed is: 150 g per 10 kg body weight. Again it is very individual, a young active growing/working  dog could need up to twice this amount. It could also be the opposite that your dog requires less meat, but thrive on higher amounts fruit and vegetables. We suspected one of our dogs to actually want to go vegetarian. Your dog  will soon let you know if you are feeding to much or too little.
Feed a variety of meats. As varied as you can get. You do not need to dish up the equivalent of a Smorgasbord for your dog every day . For example if you feed  one type of meat and bones one week and two different the next then that represents variety. If you can get 2 or 3 types of meat  on the menu every week, great, but as long as you generally vary their meat intake, that is sufficient. Assuming you feed your dog twice a day a suggestion would be, feed mince in one meal and  meat and or meaty bones in the evening. Feeding mince for a couple of days is fine, feeding meaty bones only for say 3 -4 days is likely to be too heavy for their digestion and create constipation to an unwanted degree you. You might wonder why we say "to an unwanted degree" it is because----- meaty bones fed in sensible amounts cause mild and natural constipation. When your dog passes what remains after, their digestive system have absorbed the wealth of nutrients, present in bones, it creates enough pressure on their anal glands, for these to empty naturally, a super" side effect" of raw feeding.  
Raw Meaty bones provides an abundance of minerals in an entirely natural form, easy for  the digestive system to absorb and the body to utilize. Apart from  a rich supply of calcium and phosphorus, they also provide   zinc, magnesium, manganese, iodine, selenium, chromium and Iron.

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