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Its a dog’s diet !
In our experience, If you have a dog with skin problems, poor coat and itching, the removal of grain from the diet is paramount. The skin is an organ and needs protein to be healthy. Not grains.
Seemingly unsolvable digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, causing chronic diarrhoea, and malnutrition are on the increase in dogs, grains can be a major contributor to this affliction. Many dog owners, have either completely or to a great degree solved their dogs digestive problems by feeding a raw, grain free diet.    
Diabetes is also on the increase in dogs as well as in humans, it hard not to make the connection, that high carbohydrate diets contributes to this development in dogs too.
Yet another really good reason not to feed grains is that parasites such as intestinal worms and giardia, positively thrive on a carbohydrate rich diet, t makes them "big strong and healthy" and enables them to multiply much faster than they normally would, thanks to the easy obtainable energy supply of glucose from carbohydrates. Fleas are also thought to be more attracted to the stronger odour emanating from dog feed on mainly cereals.
On a non "scientific  " note .Would you enjoy eating muesli twice a day every day, even if there were dried "meaty" chunks for you to" enjoy"  I mean your Saturday night steak or your Sunday roast replaced with specially formulated, “good for you", dried meaty chunks just would not quite do the trick. Would it?
Dogs have 3 pretty straightforward needs in life, food, exercise and play and being part of a pack, feeling safe and protected in that pack. On that basis, feeding raw food, they enjoy as well as keep them healthy, becomes a big part of their fulfilment.. ----don't hesitate start to today.
Most dogs can switch over night from a "complete", canned or dry food, to a raw diet, without a problem, some may require a transition period. In general, don't over load them with raw food in the first few days, and don't dish up a virtual buffet, start with just one type of meat for a few days and a few vegetables. Then start learning with your dog, what suits best, but always vary the meats, vegetables and fruits you feed.    
Supplements!  Well-- Herb Hound of course, The finely balanced combination of Rose hip, Alfalfa,(the father of all foods) bilberry, chamomile, Irish moss, dandelion root and Siberian ginseng, makes a superb addition to a raw food diet, and nutritionally supports every part of your dog's body.
The vitamins and minerals in Herb Hound are those naturally occurring in the pure herb and fruit powders it is made from, most of these whole herb and fruit powders are organic.
Herb Hound contains no extracts and no added vitamins and minerals, no super strength anything
Flax seed oil is also a good addition, it is mildly anti inflammatory and rich in omega 3. As is a good quality cod liver oil.  For daily intake an example would be 1-2 tsp for a medium sized dog  mixed in with food.