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Daily intake guide.
2-4 capsules.
Do not exceed daily dose.
If you are under medical supervision, taking medication, pregnant or lactating, please seek the advise of a healthcare professional before consuming food supplements. Not intended for persons under 18.
Food supplements should not be a substitute for a balanced diet

Organic cultivated Ceylon cinnamon powder. Vegetable pullulan capsules.
Organic cinnamon supplements
Organic cultivated Ceylon cinnamon
powder in vegetable pullulan capsules
Supplied in resealable  pouches  
Organic Cinnamon capsules 375 mg
200 £ 8.50
400 £16.00

Cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, Latin name: Cinnamon Zeylanicum or Cinnamon Vernum meaning true cinnamon is an evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka, now  also cultivated in several other countries with tropical climates. More cinnamon info